lunedì 28 novembre 2022

Growing movement among canon law experts aims to address an “obstructed papacy”

(Rome Reports)
What would happen if the pope were unable to perform his duties as the head of the Catholic Church? After more than 2,000 years since the establishment of the papacy, the Church still doesn't have a clear answer. But a growing movement among canon law experts is seeking to develop and clarify the current church laws dealing with a so-called “obstructed papacy,” which are based on the laws in place for bishops at the diocesan level.
Fr. Luigi Sabbarese - Professor of Canon Law, Pontifical Urban University. The code says that the diocesan see can be obstructed due to imprisonment, exile, or inability of the bishop, so you would have to proceed by comparison, but this is not always a smooth process, it can be complicated.  (...)
(es) Expertos en Derecho Canónico proponen afrontar la llamada “sede impedida”