sabato 13 agosto 2022

Repubblica Ceca
Prague has a new basilica as Vinohrady church gets promotion

( Prague will officially get a new basilica as Pope Francis has decided to elevate the Church of St. Ludmila at Náměstí míru to basilica status. A spokesperson for the Prague Archbishop informed local media about the decision earlier this week. A ceremony inaugurating the Basilica of St. Ludmila will most likely take place on September 16, during the annual Feast of St. Ludmila. "I can confirm that the Church of St. Ludmila was elevated to a minor basilica [Tuesday] by the decision of Pope Francis. The ceremonial declaration, i.e. the announcement, will probably take place on the feast of St. Ludmila on September 16," Stanislav Zeman, a spokesman for the Prague Archbishopric, told local reporters. (...)