venerdì 12 agosto 2022

Bishop in Kazakhstan: Pope's trip is an opportunity to send a message to the world

(Rome Reports)
Pope Francis will travel to Kazakhstan to participate in the World Religions Conference from September 13-15, where he will meet with leaders of the world's largest religions to promote peace among among different religious groups.
President, Central Asian Bishops' Conference - The principles of peaceful coexistence between different religions and different ethnicities, and cultures we can say. They see that as their own specific vocation which I think is especially stressed given the world we live in. The bishop of Almaty, Kazakhstan José Luis Mumbiela, says the Pope's voice will be an important contribution to the conference of the leaders of the world's largest religions particularly during this time of conflict. (...)
(es) Obispo en Kazajistán: El viaje del Papa es una oportunidad para enviar un mensaje al mundo