martedì 16 agosto 2022

Safety concerns after deadly fire rips through Egypt church

(Samy Magdy, AP)
  Egypt was in mourning Monday over a blaze at a Coptic Orthodox church that killed 41 people, but many also raised questions about the emergency response, fire safety codes, and restrictions on building houses of worship for the country’s Christian minority. Neighborhood residents expressed shock over the fire Sunday, one of Egypt’s deadliest in recent years, that killed 41 members of the congregation, including at least 15 children. “The scene of dead children still haunts me,” said Salah el-Sayed, a 43-year-old civil servant who lives next to the Martyr Abu Sefein church in the working-class Imbaba neighborhood, and was one of the first to arrive at the scene as thick smoke poured from the building. (...)