mercoledì 6 luglio 2022

Video-message of His Beatitude Sviatoslav. June 6. 133 th day of the war

Ukraine is fighting for its freedom. But what is freedom? In fact, what is the meaning of our fight? We think of this question from the point of view of the invisible battle, this spiritual struggle that every Christian wages against evil, against the devil, the enemy of the human race. And we know that when we talk about freedom, we are talking about man's ability to do good. It is not the ability to choose between good and evil, but the ability to multiply the good that the Lord God places in the hands of man.
(UGCC) Today is already Wednesday, July 6, 2022, and the Ukrainian people have been holding back for 133 days a full-scale Russian invasion, which is sweeping our land and bringing with it devastation, death and bloodshed. We thank the Lord God and the Ukrainian Armed Forces for having survived until this morning, for still being able to see the light of day today and to pray for Ukraine, for our people before the face of God. The last 24 hours have again been very difficult for Ukraine. Many people have died, the enemy is relentlessly attacking our Motherland, especially in the east and south. (...)