mercoledì 18 maggio 2022

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The Right Weaponizes America Against Itself

(Bret Stephens - The New York Times)
Sign up for the Tish Harrison Warren newsletter, for Times subscribers only.  An Anglican priest reflects on matters of faith in private life and public discourse. Get it with a Times subscription. In the broadest sense, what goes by the name “replacement theory” — the idea that American elites are conspiring to replace so-called real Americans with immigrants from poor countries — is merely a description of the American way, enshrined in tradition, codified by law, promoted by successive generations of American leaders from Washington and Lincoln to Kennedy and Reagan. There have been four, arguably five, great replacements in American history. The first was the worst and the cruelest: the destruction — through war, slaughter, ill-dealing and wholesale expulsion — of Native Americans by European migrants. (...)