martedì 17 maggio 2022

Cardinal Zen and Pope Francis’ fluid diplomacy

(Andrea Gagliarducci, Monday Vatican)
The news of the arrest of Cardinal Joseph Zen on May 11 came like a bolt from the blue. The Cardinal was accused by Beijing of collusion with foreign forces and arrested along with three other people who ran a fund to provide legal fees for those detained by the 2019 protests. The arrest immediately seemed a show of force by former police chief John Lee, appointed governor of Hong Kong a few days ago. But it is also a strong signal that – after all – the motto of “one state, two systems,” which China said it would apply when Hong Kong returned to its control, is not something they can tolerate in Beijing and its environs. Above all, the arrest appears to be a severe blow to the ongoing negotiations for the possible renewal of the agreement between China and the Holy See for the appointment of bishops. (...)