lunedì 23 maggio 2022

Bulgarian PM Petkov at Audience with Pope Francis

(Bulgarian News Agency) Pope Francis blessed the work of the Bulgarian government and commended its work in the fight against corruption at his Monday audience with an official Bulgarian delegation headed by Prime Minister Kiril Petkov. The delegation is on a two-day visit to Vatican City and Rome on the occasion of May 24, Day of the Holy Brothers Cyril and Methodius, of the Bulgarian Alphabet, Education and Culture and of Slavic Literature. Emerging from the audience, Petkov said it had been an extremely sincere meeting and the Pope had said several things that could be useful in the near future. First, that corruption is a disease and that he believes sincerely that young politicians are the only way to eradicate it. His Holiness added that he is aware corruption is widespread, Bulgaria included, and congratulated the Bulgarian government for concentrating on its removal, Petkov told journalists. (...)