giovedì 6 gennaio 2022

Metropolitan of Astana and Supreme Mufti of Kazakhstan address Kazakhstanis

Metropolitan Alexander addresses Kazakhstanis
Metropolitan Alexander of Astana and Kazakhstan issued an address to the people of the country amid the unrest in some regions, Kazinform correspondent reports.
In his address Metropolitan Alexander urged people to stop igniting conflicts in our shared home of Kazakhstan as they jeopardize the political and economic stability in the country.
He insisted it may result in losing the country’s sovereignty as well as centuries-old moral, spiritual and cultural values.
Metropolitan Alexander fully supported President Tokayev’s address to the people in which he urged the protesters not to follow destructive appeals.
He also reminded that Kazakhstan’s prosperity rests in our hands. 
Supreme Mufti addresses Kazakhstanis amid unrest
Supreme Mufti of Kazakhstan Nauryzbai kazhy called on Kazakhstanis amid the unrest in the country, Kazinform correspondent reports.
In his address to the compatriots the Supreme Mufti reminded that 30 years ago Kazakhstan attained Independence and it is the duty of every citizen of Kazakhstan to preserve it.
He stressed that it is impossible to live without peace and tranquility and that all Kazakhstanis need unity and peace.
He also urged all Kazakhstanis to make their contribution to the unity of the country.
«Let the Allah give the Kazakh people unity and solidary,» he said in conclusion.