domenica 5 dicembre 2021

Antique kayak in Vatican Museums must be returned immediately, Inuvialuit group says

(Eric Reguly, The Globe and Mail) A Western Arctic kayak exhibited by Pope Pius XI in the 1920s has been in and out of storage ever since – until The Globe briefly saw it last week. Now, Inuvialuit Regional Corp.’s leader says he’s ‘shocked’ and it should come home -- An Inuvialuit leader wants the rare Western Arctic kayak held by the Vatican Museums sent back to the Mackenzie Delta region, where it was built a century ago. In a statement released Friday, Duane Ningaqsiq Smith, chair and chief executive officer of the Inuvialuit Regional Corp. in Inuvik, NWT, said the IRC “is seeking the immediate return of all Indigenous artifact held in the collection of the Vatican Museum,” including the kayak. (...)