lunedì 29 novembre 2021

‘Plague of drugs is raging out of control,’ Dublin Archbishop warns

(Patsy McGarry, The Irish Times) Dublin is experiencing a plague of drugs which is raging out of control, Catholic Archbishop Dermot Farrell has said. In Ireland generally, taking drugs for some people was now the same as having a drink, he said. “The ‘normalisation’ of a drugs culture in Ireland is a major societal issue,” he said. “Even in the midst of the pandemic, another ‘epidemic’—that of crack cocaine and the violence that follows in its wake,” has taken hold, he said. “The causes of the crack cocaine epidemic we are experiencing in this city, and more widely across the country, are complex and deep-seated,” but he believed “the plague of drugs, which rages out of control, can be effectively addressed if we all work together.” (...)