sabato 25 settembre 2021

Spin cycles surround Parolin’s ‘correction’ of Pope Francis

(John L. Allen Jr., Crux) A few days ago, I and some other journos were engaging in some shoptalk when a veteran reporter, who’s not a Vatican specialist, posed a “food for thought” question. Could any of us think of any global leader in recent memory, outside a totalitarian regime, who’s received such consistently adoring press coverage as Pope Francis? None of us could … Obama, maybe, at the beginning, but not as constantly over a long span of time. From the outset, Pope Francis has had a killer narrative. He’s seen as a maverick shaking up a hidebound institution, a progressive challenging a conservative establishment, and a spontaneous, shoot-from-the-hip leader in one of the world’s most über-cautious environments in the Vatican. (...)