mercoledì 25 agosto 2021

The Vatican and the Law: A Trial in an Absolute State

(Thomas Jansen - Frankfurter Allegemeine Zeitung - With the trial of Cardinal Becciu over a real estate affair, Pope Francis wants to demonstrate that the Vatican is becoming the rule of law. But the procedure could prove the opposite. In the Vatican, it seems, despite all contrition, one is also a little proud of the first major criminal trial, which opened there in July before the secular court of first instance. After all, the trial against Cardinal Angelo Becciu and nine other defendants should show the world public that the legal culture at the center of the Catholic Church has surpassed the level of a banana republic. The message that Pope Francis wants to convey is obvious: a cardinal's hat is no longer a stop sign for Vatican investigators. But the process of a € 350 million investment in London property under dubious circumstances could prove to be a boomerang for the Vatican. And not only because further details about a very free handling of donations from the Peterspfennig collection may be revealed. (...)