mercoledì 21 luglio 2021

Raisi: Defending human rights, pillar of Iran's policies

In a telephone conversation with the Vatican Prime Minister Cardinal Pietro Parolin on Wednesday, he extended his congratulations on Eid al-Adha and said the occasion could serve as an opportunity of interaction between the Abrahamic religions to boost inter-faith dialogue. He also pointed to human rights as the basis of Iran's domestic and foreign policies and believed based on the teachings of the Abrahamic religions, Iran and the Vatican should stand by the oppressed people of the world and confront the oppressive powers. Raisi described Iran as a religious democracy which promotes interaction and dialogue between the Abrahamic religions, especially with Christians. The President-elect termed terrorism and sanctions as two tools of arrogant powers to practice their oppressive policies and stressed that can play an important role in this. (...)

(es) Raisi destaca papel heroico de Suleimani en salvar las vidas de musulmanes y cristianos (