venerdì 16 aprile 2021

Considering Benedict XVI's theology and papacy on his 94th birthday

(Michael Sean Winters - NC Repporter)
Happy birthday, Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI! The former pontiff is now the first person to ever have been pope who has reached the age of 94. I had a neighbor once who always drove Volkswagens, and was fond of saying, "German engineering. It's built to last." Indeed. Pope Leo XIII was 93 when he died in 1903, and he was still pope. As we all know, Benedict resigned in 2013, saying he was no longer physically able to do the job. It is that resignation that will dominate his legacy, but today I would like to consider two other aspects of his long life: his career as a theologian and why being a great theologian is no guarantee one will be a great pope. Joseph Ratzinger's early book Introduction to Christianity, first published in 1968, still lives up to (...)