giovedì 18 marzo 2021

Hundreds of figures call on Pope Francis to intervene to lift coercive measures imposed on Syria

(Ruaa al-Jazaeri, SANA)
More than 500 figures from all over the world, some of them of Syrian origins, have called on Pope Francis, Pope of the Vatican, to work and make efforts to lift the unjust and coercive economic measures imposed by Western countries on the Syrian people which target their livelihood. In a letter to Pope Francis ten years after the terrorist war on Syria, these figures noted that the unjust coercive measures have caused a human tragedy that tends to become a catastrophic situation if it is not dealt with quickly, especially with some hegemonic powers working to escalate these sanctions which target the Syrian people. (...)

(es) Piden que el Papa actúa con urgencia para levantar medidas coercitivas impuestas a Siria