lunedì 7 settembre 2020

Story about Cardinal Jaworski

(Peter Anderson) In the stories by the Catholic media about the death of Cardinal Jaworski, I have seen no reference to the fact that Jaworski lost his hand as a result of doing a personal favor for Wojtyla. I believe that this is an important part of the story.
When Wojtyla had been called to Rome in June 1967 to receive his cardinal’s hat, Jaworski had substituted for Wojtyla on a previously scheduled visit to Olsztyn, Poland. While substituting for Wojtyla, Jaworski had been involved in a train accident which resulted in the amputation of his left hand. While Wojtyla’s election as pope coincided with Deskur’s stroke, his appointment as cardinal had coincided with Jaworski’s tragic accident. After becoming pope, Wojtyla had remarked to a close friend, Professor Stefan Swiezawski, that the most important events in his priestly life had been tied to great suffering by his closest friends. Both Deskur and Jaworski were subsequently made cardinals after Wojtyla became pope.
With respect to Jaworski losing his hand, see article by Cindy Wooden, Catholic News Service, 8 June 2001. With respect to Professor Stefan Swiezawski, Swiezawski made the following statement to Helen Whitney, the producer of the documentary Pope John Paul II; the Millennial Pope: "John Paul II spoke about his conviction that the most important events in his life have been connected to the suffering of his friends. He believes that Bishop Deskur's stroke was a way of paying for his election to the papacy and also that his elevation to cardinal was intimately tied to the tragedy of another friend, Father Marian Jaworski, who had lost his hand in a railway accident."

Peter Anderson, Seatle