lunedì 31 agosto 2020

Statement by mons. Janusz S. Urbanczyk Permanent Representative of the Holy See / OSCE - Organization for security and cooperation in Europe

(Vaticano - Vienna) Current Issue N. 10 “World Day against Trafficking in Persons” - Mr. Chairman, My Delegationwelcomes the discussion during the Permanent Council in commemoration of the World Day against trafficking in persons. The Holy Seeattaches enormous importance to the plight of the millions of children, women and men who are trafficked and enslaved. They are among the most dehumanized and discarded of people in today’sworld and can be found in every  corner  oftheearth. As  Pope  Francis  says,  human  trafficking,  is  an “atrocious scourge,”1an “aberrant plague”2 and an “open wound on the body ofcontemporary  society.”3 Presently,  our  world  is  “sadly  marked  by  a  utilitarian perspective that views others according to the criteria of convenience and personal gain.” (...)