lunedì 3 settembre 2018

Mail di p. T. Rosica ai media 
G. Tamayo - F. Lombardi - T. Rosica
(Thomas Rosica - Federico Lombardi) Archbishop Vigano’s latest version of what happened when he was called to Rome in October 2015 following the Kim Davis visit to the Nunciature in Washington, DC.
“The next morning, at about 6:00 a.m. in Washington — I remember it well because I had just entered the chapel at the Nunciature — I received a frantic telephone call from Cardinal Parolin, who told me “You must come immediately to Rome because the Pope is furious with you!” I left as soon as possible and was received by the Pope at the Domus Sanctae Marthae, around 7 o’clock in the evening on October 9, at the conclusion of one of the afternoon sessions of the Second Synod on the Family.The Pope received me for almost an hour, and was very affectionate and paternal. He immediately apologized to me for troubling me with coming to Rome, and he lavished continuous praise on me for the way I had organized his visit to the USA, and for the incredible reception he received in America. He never expected such a welcome. To my great surprise, during this long meeting, the Pope did not mention even once the audience with Davis!
As soon as my audience with the Pope was over, I immediately phoned Cardinal Parolin, and said to him, “The Pope was so good with me. Not a word of reproach, only praise for the success of his visit to the USA.” At which point Cardinal Parolin replied, “It’s not possible, because with me he was furious about you.”
Notes of Fr. Rosica after meeting with Fr. Lombardi and Archbishop Vigano
No mention was made in his testimony about the meeting Vigano had with Fr. Federico Lombardi, SJ and Fr. Thomas Rosica, CSB, who was assisting Fr. Lombardi with English language at the Synod of Bishops.  After meeting with Pope Francis on October 9, 2015, Archbishop Vigano summoned Fr. Lombardi and Fr. Rosica to his apartment on Saturday evening October 10. Both of us were surprised to see that he had maintained his apartment in the old residence of Santa Marta in Vatican City. Upon entering, we sat with Archbishop Vigano in his living room. Vigano was clearly shaken having been summoned to Rome.  He told the two of us that he never intended to harm the Pope with his idea to have Davis at the nunciature. Fr. Rosica asked Archbishop Vigano if the visit of Davis to the nunciature had been arranged and approved by the President of the USCCB and the Cardinal Archbishop of Washington.  He did not answer the question.
Here is the verbatim of the Archbishop’s words to us:
"Il Santo Padre nella sua paterna benevolenza mi ha ringraziato per sua vista negli USA ma mi ha detto che l'ho ingannato nel presentare questa Signora al lui alla nunziatura." (The Holy Father in his paternal benevolence thanked me for his visit to the USA but also said that I had deceived him his bringing that woman to the nunciature.)
Vigano also told us: "Il Papa mi ha detto: tu non mi hai detto che lei aveva 4 mariti." (The Pope told me: “You never told me that she had four husbands.”)
Vigano then expressed great concern that no media know that he had been summoned to Rome to meet with the Pope.  Fr. Lombardi had me relate to him the hundreds of angry phone calls we had received over the past week.  Vigano then said to me: "No one is to know when I am leaving on early Monday morning on a flight to the USA because I have an episcopal installation in a US Diocese. Fr. Rosica told him: "The media already knows your return flight." We showed him what we had learned from the media.
Fr. Rosica also told him: "A journalist has a tape recording of you or one of the monsignors at the nunciature who phoned Kim Davis at her hotel the evening before her meeting with the Pope." He was shocked at this. I shared with him what the journalist had shared with Fr. Rosica the previous week: "The voice of this man (monsignor?) said: "A vehicle will pick you and your lawyer up at the hotel tomorrow morning and bring you to the nunciature. Change your hairstyle so people will not recognize you so quickly."
Vigano told the two of us not to make any statements to the press without checking with the nunciature first. We told Archbishop Vigano that no one was responding to the calls at the nunciature and that this problem related to the nunciature, and not the USCCB nor the Holy See Press Office.
When we left him, he seemed troubled and thanked us for our visit.
From Fr. Federico Lombardi today (September 2, 2018) after I shared with him these notes:
Io ritengo affidabili i tuoi appunti
"I consider your notes reliable"
Osservo che il fatto che Viganò avesse parlato la sera prima dell’incontro (con Kim Davis) con il Papa e i suoi collaboratori e avesse avuto da questi un consenso non toglie che la responsabilità dell’iniziativa dell’incontro con Kim Davis e delle sue conseguenze fosse principalmente dello stesso Viganò, che lo aveva evidentemente auspicato e preparato, e che come Nunzio doveva conoscere meglio la situazione."
"I observe that the fact that Viganò had spoken the night before the meeting (with Kim Davis) with the Pope and his collaborators and had received a consensus from them did not detract from the responsibility of the initiative of the meeting with Kim Davis and the consequences were mainly of Viganò himself, who had evidently desired and prepared them, and that as Nuncio should have known better about this situation.”
L’incontro con Kim Davis, anche se era un incontro in ambiente a parte, era da lui stato organizzato inserendolo nel contesto dei molti e rapidi saluti del Papa alla partenza dalla nunziatura, questo non aiutava certo il Papa e i suoi collaboratori a rendersi conto del peso di tale incontro, e per questo io avevo allora insistito su questo contesto quando rispondevo alle domande che mi erano state fatte quando l’incontro era diventato pubblico.
“The meeting with Kim Davis, even if it was a meeting in a separate space, was organized by the nuncio who inserted it in the context of the Pope's many and quick greetings at his departure from the nunciature. This certainly did not allow the Pope and his collaborators to realize the significance of this meeting, and for this I then insisted on this context when I answered the questions that had been asked to me when the meeting had become public.”
"Inoltre Viganò ora afferma che aveva fatto il patto con Kim Davis che non parlasse dell’incontro prima che il Papa ritornasse a Roma, ma solo dopo. Mi domando se questo aspetto, che cioè l’incontro sarebbe stato reso pubblico da Kim Davis dopo il viaggio, era stato veramente discusso da Viganò con i collaboratori del Papa e come, dato che ciò avrebbe suscitato molte reazioni. A me risultava solo che l’incontro era stato previsto come riservato da parte del Papa per una persona che gli veniva presentata come degna di apprezzamento anche se discussa.
Moreover, Viganò now affirms that he had made an agreement with Kim Davis that she did not speak of the meeting before the Pope returned to Rome, but only afterwards. I wonder if this aspect –  that the meeting would have been made public by Kim Davis after the trip, had been really discussed by Viganò with the Pope's collaborators since this would have provoked many reactions. It seems to me only that the meeting had been planned as being a private one with the Pope for a person who was presented to him as worthy of appreciation even if there was much discussion about her.
Fr. Thomas Rosica, CSB
Fr. Federico Lombardi, SJ
September 2, 2018