venerdì 19 novembre 2021

Should Pope Francis testify in the Vatican financial scandal trial?

(Ed. Condon - The Pillar) Pre-trial hearings in Vatican City took an unexpected turn Wednesday, looping Pope Francis into deliberations over the Secretariat of State’s financial scandal trial. Lawyers for the defense put Pope Francis squarely in the middle of the case, and even raised the idea of deposing the pope as a witness, while urging a judge to dismiss the criminal trial, over the procedural and evidentiary issues that have plagued its preliminary stage for months. Defense attorneys for defendants in the trial said Nov. 17 they want to know what the pope told prosecutors, when he told them, and how that information was used as prosecutors gathered evidence against their clients. The lawyers even floated the idea of asking the pope to testify in the case— a legally problematic and politically high-stakes proposition. But is it one Francis should consider? ...)
- Cardinal Becciu’s trial is a dysfunctional show with serious repercussions (