giovedì 18 novembre 2021

Stati Uniti
Bishops affirm dioceses' sainthood causes for three U.S. laypeople

(Mark Pattison - CNS - NC Reporter)
The U.S. bishops agreed Nov. 17 that the sainthood causes for three laypeople from the United States should be advanced by their respective dioceses. Bishop J. Douglas Deshotel of Lafayette, Louisiana, presented the causes of Auguste Robert "Nonco" Pelafigue and Charlene Richard. Bishop Larry Silva of Honolulu presented the third cause, that of Joseph Dutton. The 2007 Vatican document "Sanctorum Mater" requires the diocesan bishop promoting a sainthood cause to consult with the body of bishops on the advisability of pursuing the cause. The bishops affirmed advancement of all three causes via voice votes with no audible dissent on the second of two days of public sessions during their Nov. 15-18 fall general meeting in Baltimore. (...)