venerdì 26 novembre 2021

Cardinal Bozanić: Vaccination remains means of preventing and curbing coronavirus

(Glas Koncila) Zagreb Archbishop Cardinal Josip Bozanić said that the Pope's interpretation is that vaccination with an approved vaccine is an act of love towards oneself and one's neighbour and a means of preventing and curbing the spread of the virus, but it has to be voluntary as directed by the Congregation. 
"Frequently over the past few weeks reference has been made to a video message by Pope Francis in August 2021 in which he said that vaccination with a vaccine that has been approved by the experts is an act of love towards oneself and one's neighbours. It seems that ethically acceptable vaccines, despite possible counter-indications that all medicines can have, according to the majority of experts are now available to us in the fight against coronavirus. Vaccination continues to be a means of preventing and curbing the transmission of the destructive agent, but based on the instructions of the Congregation, it has to be voluntary," Cardinal Bozanić said in an interview with the Croatian Catholic weekly "GlasKoncila". 
Saying that it is natural and normal for people to seek the light among those in responsibility in society to come out of crisis, he considers it indicative that in this pandemic crisis and amid very complex processes that are hard to explain, and infrequently disappointment, trust is declining in those who, in their calling, are the carriers of that light. What is more, he warned, we have almost come to the point that mistrust is being promoted uncritically.