mercoledì 13 settembre 2017

Rome Reports
Lorenza did not expect to receive a wounded pope, but the setback did not stop Pope Francis from cancelling his visit. Lorenza is a 77 year-old woman who has been feeding the poor children in her town of Cartagena for 52 years. She received Pope Francis minutes after he suffered an injury due to an unexpected slowdown of the popemobile. He suffered wounds to his eyebrow and cheekbone, and his cassock was stained with blood. "It gave me a black eye," the pope quipped to reporters during his in-air press conference en route back to Rome. “I bowed to greet a little boy, I did not seen the glass, and... pum!”
Francisco en Colombia: la visita a Lorenza, voluntaria de 77 años que da de comer a niños pobres