domenica 2 luglio 2017

Deputy PM Barnaby Joyce says Pell case ‘all very sad’
Herald Sun
Deputy Prime Minister Barnaby Joyce has described court proceedings against Cardinal George Pell as “all very sad”. Mr Joyce made the comment after a meeting overnight with Vatican Secretary of State Cardinal Pietro Parolin, the highest-ranked Vatican figure after the Pope. The meeting, scheduled months ago, came three days after Cardinal Pell, 76, was charged by police with multiple historic sexual offences.
Mr Joyce, himself a committed Catholic, confirmed Cardinal Pell had come up in conversation with Cardinal Parolin.
He said he could not say much about the issue because it was before the court.
“It would have been very peculiar if it had not come up,” he told News Corp.
“It’s all very sad this is happening.
“When there are suspicions people suspect the worst.
“There are lots and lots of things up in the air so I will give Cardinal Pell the same (entitlement) I would give anyone, innocent until proven guilty.
“We will let the courts follow their process.”
Mr Joyce said was in Rome for trade talks, as Australia looks to do a free trade deal with Europe.
He also visited London, Brussels, and the Netherlands.
Herald Sun