mercoledì 28 giugno 2017

“I started praying differently for peace in Ukraine”, Giulnaz Malysh, Individual assistance coordinator of Pope for Ukraine initiative.
Pope for Ukraine
(Ivanka Rudakevych) Pope for Ukraine initiative was launched last year in April and we have already implemented 60 projects for those who have been affected by the war in the East of Ukraine. Since January 2017, we have been offering direct individual assistance as part of the initiative. Why do we need this direction and how does it work? We will talk about this with the coordinator Giulnaz Malysh. 
How did the individual assistance emerge as part of Pope for Ukraine initiative? 
 During the work of Technical Committee, we discovered that some projects did not pass the elimination round due to different reasons. Behind each of those projects were people in need, internally displaced persons or residents of the near-front zone who consequently could not receive aid. (...)