giovedì 22 giugno 2017

El Salvador
El Salvador’s first cardinal a friend of Blessed Oscar Romero

Crux - CNS
(Joe Slama) orn in 1942 to a farming family in Sociedad, Bishop José Gregorio Rosa Chávez was ordained a priest of the Diocese of San Miguel in 1970. Under Blessed Oscar Romero, he headed the Archdiocese of San Salvador's communications office. He will be El Salvador's first cardinal. Pope Francis’s decision to elevate Bishop José Gregorio Rosa Chávez is unprecedented: not only is he the first Salvadoran cardinal, he is also the first auxiliary bishop to be given a red biretta. The cardinal-elect, who will receive the honor at a June 28 consistory, is also well-known for his close collaboration with Blessed Oscar Romero, an Archbishop of San Salvador who was martyred in 1980. (...)