venerdì 15 febbraio 2013

(a cura Redazione "Il sismografo")
Blohm+Voss Group (of which Ernst von Freyberg is chairman and minority shareholder) comprises the White Business of Blohm+Voss, i.e. the non-military business. Blohm+Voss Group designs, engineers, repairs, converts and/or builds ships for the cruise and off-shore industry as well as for yachting. It also delivers components for the oil and gas industry (Blohm+Voss Oil Tools).
Blohm+Voss Group also is subcontractor for a consortium building four frigates for the German navy. The frigates are designed to help Germany and NATO fight terrorists and pirates (asymmetrical conflicts). Blohm+Voss' role is to do part of the steel work (in particular welding) and the docking. There is no engineering or design work. ThyssenKrupp is the General Contractor.
The White Business of Blohm+Voss was acquired by a group of investors in 2012. The purpose of the transaction was to create a purely non-military maritime group. The four frigates are a remnant of the past. After their completion Blohm+Voss Group will be 100% non-military.
The military part of Blohm+Voss is part of Thyssen Krupp and trades under Blohm+Voss Naval. Ernst von Freyberg has nothing to do with it.